Bone Build-up Screw


Today we would like to present to you a very special screw that helps you out in cases when there’s a need for growing bone over dental implants. A special … Read more

Conometric Solutions Training


It is time to learn more about conometric solutions! Join Dr. Dainius Karpavicius on his signature course.Learn the advanced techniques and best practices how to fix denture without cement and screws.Enjoy the … Read more


Dental Implant Systems


Dental Implant System is a set of the certified medical devices which is used to anchor a denture or replace missing teeth by professional dentists. Implant system consists of different … Read more

IDS 2019 with TRATE

IDS 2019 Conference with TRATE


The International Dental Show – IDS is a global gathering point for top companies in the sector to engage in trade deals for import and export of goods, technology advancements … Read more

AEEDC 2019 with TRATE

AEEDC Dubai 2019 with TRATE AG


UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai) is one of the largest dental events in the Middle East and North Africa. Courses, exhibition, and conferences. It enjoys … Read more