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Июнь 23, 2016 - Июнь 24, 2016

| €4200
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FILO Implantology



Integral courses of minimal invasive implantology

2 days of clinical training, live surgeries and hands-on, monoblock technique with ROOTT implants

dr. Bastida


Dr. Álvaro Bastida

Honorary member of the Open Dental Community.
Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Oviedo, Specialist in Stomatology from the University of Oviedo, Postgraduate in Orthodontics CEAR, Postgraduate in Dental Aesthetics CEOSA, Postgraduate in Implantology ESBIPRO, Experience in implantology since 1994, Professor in Advanced Implantology courses in Alexandria (Egypt) and Cascais (Portugal).


Filo implantology

  • 2 live surgeries (assisting Dr. Bastida)
  • Live prosthetics
  • Hands on surgery and prosthetics on models
  • Hands on and pacification with CBCT
  • FILO implantoligy History. Bibliography. Statistics
  • Clinica case in FILO approach
  • One peace implants features
  • FILO pacification: models, OPG, CBTC
  • FILO surgery with completive implants
  • FILO surgery in pterigoid zone with basal implants
  • FILO surgery post extraction
  • FILO prosthetics: bending, splinting implants, taking impressions, laboratory design.
Special offer

One peace implants x 40
Instrument kit
Theory course in monoblock implantology
Hands-on of surgery and prosthetics on models
Hands-on of pacification on models and CBTC
2 live surgeries on patients

4200 €




Each participant will receive a «Certificate in Minimally Invasive Implantology, monoblock technology» supported by Open Dental Community.


Июнь 23, 2016
Июнь 24, 2016
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