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ROOTT Dental Implant, compressive type, diameter 4.5 mm, length 6 mm, short neck, material: Ti6Al4V

COMPRESSIVE S implant is one piece compressive type implant with short 1.5 mm neck. The surface is SLA treated (Ca hydroxylapatite and Tricalcium phosphate are used instead of Al oxide!).

Is used in clinical situations when limited distance to some anatomical elements (e.g.: n.alv. inferior) is found.

Not bendable!

Divergence or convergence up to 10 ˚ is possible between this type of implants because the slope of abutment is 5˚.

If the divergence or convergence between this type of implants is found more than 5˚ then the abutment can be grinded.

The abutment is designed for cemented or conometric(telescopic) type of fixation as well.