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Progressive technologies in today’s dentistry

Join an international scientific conference.
Learn about the latest techniques
Of dental implantology
16 Speakers

Conometric Solutions Dr. Karpavicius

Dr. Dainius Karpavičius (Lithuania) 1/16

The peculiarities of Conometric fixation in prosthodontics. The infinity of one-piece Compressive and Pterygoid implants.

Dr. Bastida

Dr. Alvaro Bastida (Spain) 2/16

FILO: Flapless and Immediate Loading implantology

Dr. Ruslan Alymbajev

Dr. Ruslan Alymbajev (Kirgyzstan) 3/16

Conometric solutions for one-piece implants.

Dr. Henri

Henri Diederih DSS (Luxembourg) 4/16

The Pterygoid Implant: an added value.

Dr. Vasylyj Rybak (Ukraine)

Dr. Vasylyj Rybak (Ukraine) 5/16

Reconstructive surgery of the facial skeleton and soft tissues.

Michail Sledkov

Dent. Techn. Mikhail Sledkov (Lithuania) 6/16

All on 4-6-8. CAD CAM technologies. The possibilities of different materials.

Dr. Tor Tegnander (Norway)

Dr. Tor Tegnander (Norway) 7/16

Relationship between clinical findings and MRI imaging in orofacial pain patients.

Mihail Budeci

Dr. Mihail Budeci (Romania) 8/16

Guided surgery: maximum precision for immediate loading.

Dr. Andrius Surovas

Dr. Andrius Surovas (Lithuania) 9/16

The Evolution of Subperiosteal implantation. New ways of treatment.

Juryj Dmityshyn

Dr. Juryj Dmitryshyn (Ukraine) 10/16

Immediate implantation and immediate loading in aesthetic area.

Dr. Dainius Razukevičius (Lithuania)

Dr. Dainius Razukevičius (Lithuania) 11/16

Temporomandibular joint disorders and treatment.

Abduljaleel Samad

Dr. Abduljaleel Samad (Iraq) 12/16

Optimizing the soft tissue around one-piece dental implants.

Dr. Romanov Novichenko (Russia)

Dr. Romanov Novichenko (Russia) 13/16

BIO-logical planning of surgical and prosthetic treatment while using dental implants.

Dr. Gediminas Skributis (Lithuania)

Dr. Gediminas Skributis (Lithuania) 14/16

Influence of Monson Curve in Occlusion.

Dr. Viktor Vovk and Dr. Altay Zhumabekov (Kazakhstan)

Dr. Viktor Vovk and Dr. Altay Zhumabekov (Kazakhstan) 16/16

The influence of prosthetic construction to immediate loading of dental implants.

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Till 15.02.2020 – 50 000 KZT = 115 EUR

At dive place – 60000 KZT = 140 EUR

Gala-cocktail for all participants of Conference

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