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GFP insertion

Optimize dental implant emergence profile with GFP

GFP range

Traditional implants include two-piece healing abutments that can become problematic due to contamination between gaps during the healing process. GFP is a one-piece healing abutment from the ROOTT R product line, waterproof, with the colour of the gingiva and easy to use — from beginner to professional specialist. GFP one-piece healing abutment is created for straightforward use and is perfect for one and two-stage surgery. In addition, it is developed taking into consideration simplicity and time-efficiency for the patients’ comfort.

Easy handling

Healing abutment GFP is a top choice for specialists who do not overcomplicate the process — the ROOTT R line is designed for effortless solutions without compromising quality or aesthetics. The abutment is in a visually pleasing colour for simple identification and concealment. Practice shows that GFP is a way to go for time-efficient and practical restorations with high rates of benefit. Easily remove and place GFP healing abutment to implant with screwdriver SD, SDL and SDXLB. With hexagon form hole on the top of the abutment get firm and secure fixation for abutment removal and placement.

GFP insertion

Excellence in creating emergence profile

Aesthetic emergence profile is the primary visual result that patients are evaluating — as the tooth emerges from the implant platform and the contour is visually pleasing. The emergence profile creation is the significant development of a dental implant into a natural-looking tooth. As the patient will continue to care for implant — a natural and thick tissue is advised. GFP healing abutment is developed to help in emergence profile creation and helps to avoid any inflammations during the healing process.

Case by Dr. El Moheb
Case by Mohamad El Moheb

Safe and protecting

Healing abutments ROOTT

GFP was developed and advanced with care in mind — a seal between the screw and the implant is inaccessible for saliva to avoid any microorganisms getting in and creating an infection in the connection area. In addition, a wide variety of sizes allows the option of choice for specialists to determine what is best and get successful results that do not cause additional procedures or measures to be taken after the healing abutment is removed for further treatment. GFP healing abutments come in a diameter of 5.0 mm and heights of 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 7.0 mm.