Артикул: c3508ms Категория:

compressive type, diameter 3.5 mm, length 8 mm, small multiunite, material: Ti6Al4V.

The surface is SLA treated (Ca hydroxylapatite and Tricalcium phosphate are used instead of Al oxide!).

COMPRESSIVE MS implant with small multi-unit type abutment is designed for screw retained prostheses or for ensuring better fixation of removable dentures as well.

It is recommended to be used in front side of full arc screw retained dental prostheses.

In such clinical cases when fixed prosthesis is planned to be made divergence or convergence up to 60˚ is possible between this type of implants because the slope of abutment is 30˚.

Fixation screw is 1.8mm ø

The implant’s abutment is similar to ROOTFORM MS abutment.