A word from our clients

The best way to showcase ROOTT is by sharing real stories from real people. From personal accounts of how our products have improved their daily routines to reviews of our exceptional customer service, this is an honest and authentic perspective on what it’s like to be a part of the ROOTT community.

We are proud to share these stories with you and invite you to take a moment to watch and learn why ROOTT is the trusted choice for thousands of dental specialists worldwide.

“They have a scientific part beside the business and this point is very important to any company to succeed”

Dr. Abduljaleel Azad S., Iraq

“Since I use ROOTT implants I have less complication, zero bone loss and more predictable results”

Dr. Iyad A., Syria

“Using a limited amount of drills – that’s the most I like”

Dr. Ivica L., Macedonia

“After two years that I am following the patients everything is the same as the first day and that was what I am looking for”

Dr. Ali D., Iran

“ROOTT implants have accessories that make my practice more successful”

Dr. Mohamad D., Syria

“Difficult cases without bone, with atrophic maxilla – the ROOTT has solutions that are very good for those cases”

Dr. Alexandre R., Portugal

“It can be a solution for all the problems you have”

Dr. Chum M., Cambodia

“Self tapering is good for immediate loading”

Dr. Taha A., Saudi Arabia

“I feel confident [that] I use this system”

Dr. Hussam S., Syria

“No postoperative complications with Compressive single-piece and two-piece implants”

Dr. Zaid I., Pakistan

“ROOTT implants have one thing I like very much – they don’t lose bone”

Dr. Darcio Luis F., Portugal

“It’s simple [system] and the quality is good”

Dr. Aadel A., Syria

“There are different concepts of prosthetic solution”

Dr. Tomasz C., Poland

“I think ROOTT is a great company in my country”

Dr. Racha M., Syria

“It works in many cases, because of all the sizes and wide range of multi unit system”

Dr. Mohammed K., Iraq

“I like one-piece implants, it’s easy to use and work with it”

Dr. Abdulhafiz M., Syria

“I don’t face any problems with ROOTT products”

Dr. Ossama J., Saudi Arabia

“I am using manual, so I found the ROOTT easy”

Dr. Walid A., Syria

“That’s what they all care about – satisfaction of our patient”

Dr. Joul I., Syria

“I’m addicted to this product”

Dr. Ali M., Iran

“I found very good relationship with managers, the marketing section”

Dr. Ismail V., South Africa

“The company is also interested in increasing the product lines for every country”

Dr. Hasan S., Pakistan

“When I explore it more, I found that people who use it – they like it, [because] the failure rates is very minimal, there are a lot of options [and] solutions for the patients”

Bashar S., Saudi Arabia

“It’s professional company producing high standard and high quality products with reasonable prices”

Sasho P., Macedonia

“The company [has a] good reputation”

Dr. Arwa B, Yemen

“They make you feel like a part of the family”

Marwan S., Yemen

“I find a solution for every case without failures”

Dr. Mohamad Q., Palestine

“Such a big variation of different solutions in implantology”

Dr. Dainius K., Lithuania

“Company is spending a lot of time and money in research and development”

Dr. Sacheev N., India

“Whenever we need any kind of support we can contact them and without any timeframe there is a support from the team of ROOTT”

Antony N., Bahrain

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