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4th Open Dental Community Congress: Digital transformation changing the ways we think

Open Dental Community Congress “Enter the future” happened on January 31st, in Conrad Dubai, marking the exceptional possibilities of digital dentistry and innovative solutions in the dental industry.

The event started with an honourable greeting by Dr. Henri Diederich, who opened the Congress and started a very educational day for every specialist in the audience, inviting everyone to engage and participate. Next, the program featured four lectures by Dr. Daniel Saad (Instant loadings and beyond: Coupling digital workflows with standout implant designs), Dr. Ehab Rashed (Osseodensification and soft tissue management), and Dr. Adam Nowicki (Full-arch restorations using intraoral welding with two-piece implants and Intraoral welding with one-piece implants).

Enter the future

The main topic of the Congress was “Enter the future” – an invitation for specialists to step into digitalization and time-efficient methods through modern solutions, engaging participants from all over the world to evolve their practice by understanding more about digital workflows and scanning through the real-life experience of lecturers on how to choose correct scanning equipment, tools and accessories. During the event, participants could see live direct scanning and its applicability in cases requiring precision. With all topics covered, the audience spent the day learning the ins and outs of digital workflow and networked with specialists of various interest fields, deepening their understanding and improving practices, elevating their craft and making it modern.

From guided surgery to osseodensification secrets

Dr. Daniel Saad was ready to cover the peculiarities of guided surgery, discuss the importance of evidence-based implantology, and choose the right approach for full arch restorations. He explained different types of implants that can be used for the same case by grounding knowledge together with academic materials and real-life clinical cases. The doctor topped his speech with different methods such as digital and analog impressions, which to choose, when to choose it, and how to implement it in daily practice. Interestingly, his lecture included a point about mass information and how difficult it is to navigate modern solutions, remembering that scientific research is still the most reliable source based on factual insight.

After Dr. Daniel Saad’s lecture, Dr. Ehab Rashed, the mastermind of osseodensification, was ready to reveal his secrets about the perfect emergence profile and soft tissue management. Presenting the importance of the right approach of emergence profile creation in different clinical cases starting from narrow ridges to extraction sites and fractured central incisors, hooking the audience’s attention with full documented clinical cases and flawless results.

Following speech about full-arch restorations using intraoral welding was covered by Adam Nowicki presenting real-life situations. Engaging the audience with problems of implantology and possible ways to solve them, including digital flows, covering various solutions and topics such as revolutionary 3D DSD scans, GBR/SS, FGG and fully guided surgeries with intraoral welding. Furthermore, at the end of the presentations, a representative of the Digital Library of ROOTT was there to assist and explain audience how Digital Library can be implemented in daily practice. The representative of Digital Library was there to assist Adam Nowicki in intraoral scanning and even show the complete workflow of the implant system.

Every specialist has presented their take on the simplicity of intraoral scanning by using models with a one-piece implant ROOTT C external platform and two-piece multi-functional part CRE by ROOTT R – the products provided by Open Dental Community partners ROOTT. Following this partnership, this brand was considered a reliable option for those seeking simplicity as the ROOTT system requires no extra parts, coming with multi-functional CRE that is included in every package and can be used as a temporary abutment and accommodate intraoral scanning with no additional purchases for procedures. This partnership has brought interactive experience to ODC Congress and has encouraged specialists to include their cases using ROOTT to make the contents of lectures even more real-life based.

See you soon!

In the name of Open Dental Community, we are grateful to everyone who participated, joined in, and educated themselves as well as we are thankful to our lecturers, who have been preparing for this Congress for several months and delivered the highest quality knowledge from their practice and spent time thoroughly explaining and discussing.

Open Dental Community is a beacon for every specialist looking for experience sharing and learning, so after the feedback of peak interest in the topic of digital solutions in UAE and further, ODC continues its mission throughout the year; therefore, we invite you to engage and attend events in your area in 2022 and stay in touch.

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