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Angulated multiunit abutments

Angulated Multi-unit Abutments

Multiunit abutments

How much would you value flexibility in non-parallel implant cases?

ROOTT introduces Angulated multi-unit abutments to provide confidence and freedom in cases where Rootform type implants must be inserted not perpendicularly.

Up to 45°

ROOTT Angulated Multi-unit Abutments are developed with 15°, 30°, and 45° angle to provide a wider range of prosthetic options and solve complicated non-parallel implant cases. Angulated Multi-unit abutments allow to insert Rootform type implants at a wider range of angles when the angle between the Rootform type implants is up to 90°  and regular multi-unit abutments are insufficient.

Wide range of sizes and angles

Angulated Multiunit Abutment Schema

Advantages and features of angulated multi-unit abutments


Angulated multi-unit abutments are essential in cases with severe bone atrophy, when Rootform type implants must be inserted not perpendicularly, but angularly to the bone level, in order to achieve higher primary stability, to avoid sinus lifting procedure on the maxilla or to ensure nerve bypassing on the mandible.

Screw-retained prosthesis solution designed for edentulous and partially edentulous cases.

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