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Bone Build-up Screw


Today we would like to present to you a very special screw that helps you out in cases when there’s a need for growing bone over dental implants.

A special screw, designed by Dr. El Moheb, that keeps a 1 mm free space between the implant and the screw platform. 

Every time the implant is placed at one millimeter under the crest or every time there is bone grafting or extraction immediate implantation, this screw will help the bone to grow on the top of the implant platform.

The advantages of the screw bone builder:

1. Tenting of the soft tissue: 

This screw will hold the soft tissue away from the platform of the implant allowing then the growth of the bone.

2. Space maintainer: 

Space-maintaining is one of the major conditions to build the bone. This screw will preserve the space on the top of the implant platform.

3. Indication:

It is indicated each time a GBR procedure is done with a simultaneous implant placement

The surface is polished and anodised to the natural gingiva colour.

The wideness of the bone build-up screw is available in different diameters: 3.5 and 4 mm.

Tips & tricks

Use anatomical gingiva formers for cases where you need to place gingiva former according to the shape of the abutment

Bone Growth Over Implant Screws

Available in 2 sizes

“Design by Dr. El Moheb”


3.5 mm


4.00 mm

Currently, we have an exclusive online offer to start using bone build-up screws. You can BUY dental implant kit TRY10 Rootform and get bone build-up screws for FREE. With this kit, you will also receive the necessary instruments to start using ROOTT dental implant system.

Try 10 dental implant kit
Implants5 x R35105 x R3810
Abutments5 x A2
5 x A2A15
Transfers3 x TO
2 x TR
Gingiva formers10 x GF2
1x GF0 & GFN0 (FREE)
Implant analogues5 x AN
Instrument 1 x Drill D3510
1 x Drill D3810
1 x Screwdriver SDL
1 x Removal tool SR
1 x Insertion tool ITE
1 x Insertion tool ITL

Bone Growth Over Implant Training

Would you like to learn more about how to grow bone over dental implants using the bone build-up screws GF0 and GFN0 along with Stressless protocol Esthetic management? Join our professionally organized training by Dr. El-Moheb.

  • Treatment planning of 2 piece implant placement
  • Selection logic of the different implant design & connections
  • Handling pre-, per- & post-surgical implant placement complications
  • Faster & stress less surgery
  • Immediate implant placement
  • Predictable outcome & long-run stability of your implant treatment
  • Esthetic planning
  • Prosthetic component selection
  • Managing yellow & pink esthetics