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EAO 2019 with TRATE

EAO 2019 28th Annual Congress in Lisbon


The European Association for Osseointegration (EAO)’s 28th annual scientific congress is about to take place in Lisbon from 26th to 28th of September 2019.

The congress features one of the top players in implant dentistry and will attract dental professionals and implant experts from around the world.

The theme of the congress is building a “Bridge to the Future’ of implant dentistry, and as part of the theme, the EAO has prepared various scientific programs with a special focus on the future to make it a very exciting world event. This time, Congress has selected Brazil as the guest country.

The EAO congress, with its true global events and programs with various features, will become a platform to network, share, research and discover new technologies.

The three-day congress includes three main sessions that talk in-depth about topics – New avenues in Implant Dentistry, How to treat cases involving buccal bone loss after extraction and Clinical Case Presentation and Discussion. It also holds sessions that explore topics like Antibiotics in Implant Dentistry, Implant rehabilitation in older patients, Recessions around Implants, and treatment methods of Peri-implantitis in great detail. Along with the various programs, the attendees can also explore trade exhibitions that showcase cutting edge research and innovation in the implant field.

And, as always, the congress attendees will have the opportunity to take part in dynamic and interactive sessions where expert speakers tackle hot topics relevant to clinical practice. The Congress also hosts Industry Satellite Symposium by various implant companies like Dentsply Sirona, Nobel Biocare, and Straumann, and also conducts Dental assistant’s course with Hands-on workshop, Clinical Video Sessions, and certification courses.

The annual congress at Lisbon will be one of the biggest events in the dental implant field and will be instrumental in shaping the future of implant dentistry.

EAO’s 28th Annual Congress at a glance

Day 1 – Thursday 26th September

  • Main Session 1:
    New avenues in implant dentistry
  • Session 1:
    Implant rehabilitation in older patients
  • Session 2:
    Should we avoid implants in the aesthetic zone?
  • Session 3:
    Clinical Video Session,
    Industry Satellite Symposium
    Organised by: Osstell
  • Junior Committee hands-on workshop :
    My first implant (Optional session)
  • Industry satellite symposium
    Organised by: Invibio
  • Oral Communications 
  • Industry Satellite Symposium
    Organised by: Geistlich 
  • Industry Satellite Symposium
    Organised by: Dentsply Sirona 
  • Industry Satellite Symposium
    Organised by: Camlog

Day 3 – Saturday 28th September

  • Session 11: 
    How to treat peri-implantitis 
  • Session 12:
    When to save or “extract” an implant in the aesthetic zone 
  • SPERO session 1: 
    Diagnosis, treatment plan, and oral rehabilitation 
  • Dental assistants course: 
    Theoretical session
  • Poster presentations 
  • Oral communications
  • Session 13: 
    The changing shape of abutments and implants: future evolution 
  • Session 14:
    Antibiotics in implant dentistry
  • Certification workshop 
  • E-reputation workshop
  • Main session 3 
  • Clinical case presentation and discussion
  • SPERO session 2:
    B3D lip sculpture: the harmony of lips with smile and face 
  • Dental assistants course: 
    Hands-on workshop
  • Industry lunch symposium: 
    Organised by: Planmeca
  • Closing 

Day 2 – Friday 27th September

  • Session 4: 
    Loading protocols revisited 
  • Session 6: 
    Biological and technical complications 
  • Session 5: 
    Mapping a digital workflow: clinical and laboratory perspectives 
  • Oral communications
  • Main session 2: 
    How to treat cases involving buccal bone loss after an extraction
  • Session 7:
    Zirco-mania: where are we today and where are we heading? 
  • Brazil and Friends’ session: Improved aesthetic outcomes with anterior implants 
  • Session 8: 
    Immediate placement and immediate loading: current and future outlook
  • General assembly
  • Session 9: 
    A growing problem: recessions around implants 
  • Session 10: 
    The quest for perfection: achieving the best aesthetic results
  • Industry Satellite Symposium
    Organised by: Nobel Biocare
  • Industry Satellite Symposium
    Organised by: Straumann
  • SPPI session 1: 
    Aesthetic commitment: will it be irreversible? 
  • Oral communications 
  • Hands-on sessions
    Organized by: Nobel Biocare, Southern Implants and EMS
  • Oral Communication 
  • Industry satellite symposium
    Organised by: Zimmer Biomet

Planning to visit EAO Congress?

At Trate, we are proud to be a part of the EAO’s Annual Congress as an exhibitor and are providing complete travel packages for all to attend the EAO Congress. 

When you register with us, you will get to meet us and our Key Opinion Leaders during the event, have an exclusive hands-on session with our products, see and experience the new products and get yourself a set of high-quality dental implants and tools.

The complete travel package includes:  

  • EAO Congress (2 days with 2-way transfer)
  • EAO Exhibition (2 days with 2-way transfer)
  • 3 nights 4* hotel with breakfast, twin-sharing room, Sept. 25-28
  • Sailing with dinner and live music

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