ROOTT Dental Implant System

Rootform implants
Rootform logo

Two-component root-form screw implants with active thread for single and multiple restorations with delayed loading in all types of bone tissue.

  • Excellent primary stability in all bone types
  • Active self-tapping thread
  • Reliable dental implant-abutment connection
ROOTT R implants
Compressive implants
Compressive logo

Single-component compression thread implants for multiple restorations with immediate loading in all types of tissue deficient bones.

  • Simple placement and prosthetic procedure
  • Immediate loading
  • Excellent primary stability in all types off bone
  • Adjustable abutment slope angle
  • Resistant to cervical fractures
ROOTT C implants
Basal implants
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Single-component implants for multiple restorations and direct alveolar placement with severe bone tissue deficit, extracted teeth sockets or transgingivally.

  • Ideal for resorbed ridges
  • Immediate loading
  • Placement in a socket of an extracted tooth
  • Excellent protection from inflammation around the dental implant
  • Adjustment of abutment angle 15 degrees
ROOTT B implants