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GF Healing abutments

GF Healing abutments

The purpose of healing abutments is to help gum tissue to heal. The healing of gum tissue is a highly important process because it constructs the site for further steps of prosthesis. Once the gum tissue is fully healed, the final abutments are placed so that the prosthesis can be connected with the implant.

Healing Abutment R offers 7 sizes of healing abutments and 7 different screw colours. It can be used for soft tissue healing and formation of the emergency profile around the dental implant. Because healing abutments and abutments have the same shape, less tension can be achieved around the crown.One of the indications of the ROOTT implants is the colours. The healing abutment colour is created to look as natural as possible, to match the gingival color and to prevent any potential visibility of the abutment through the tissues. When it comes to implications, healing abutments can be used in 1 stage or 2 stage surgical procedures.

It varies in size from 1 mm to 7 mm above bone level. To make handling easier, Healing abutments R are ready to provide easy handling, safe removal and complete aesthetics with gingival color. Holes will add more grip to the abutment and inner screw will ensure safe removal, different colours of the screws will make the identification faster.

To learn more about Healing abutments R and the possibilities of ROOTT implants, let’s meet at the upcoming AEEDC 2021 exhibition in Dubai, where you can find out more about products and take a glance at them by yourself.

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