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Let’s meet with ROOTT in Abu Dhabi


Together with You

Changes – a term that has been with us for quite some time. Changing our brand, product names, visuals and searching for new ways to customers. Building roads, raising our standards, reaching different markets to spread the news about our identity and principle of simplicity. Seeing how You are developing together with us, and going forward foot to foot to our main goal of making every dental specialist’s life easier and effective than ever before.


AEEDC2021 has been one of the most successful exhibitions to ROOTT, even in these challenging pandemia times. We have made new connections, new partnerships, and recognized the demand for the expansion. UAE market development in the Abu Dhabi region has been made in order to be closer to our customers and provide quality services in the most convenient way.

With great pleasure and support from our customers, we proudly want to announce our news of reaching Abu Dhabi. ROOTT team stands tall by helping specialists to reach higher standards, create new possibilities and make our vision come true with joy and a smile. Together with Open Dental Community, we are providing advanced trainings, seminars and events to support our customers and build the bridge to their success in dental implantology.


Welcoming brunch

To meet doctors and specialists we are inviting you to a “Dental brunch with ROOTT”, which will take place this Friday (September 17th) at 11:30 in Alba Terrace. Let’s connect, interact and discuss prospects, industry opportunities, and share good practice with dental colleagues. ROOTT aims to inspire community mindset and is excited to share the latest innovations, new products, treatment alternatives for all the doctors who are interested in broadening implantology skills and potential, achieving higher patient satisfaction.

Save the date! Let’s meet at “Dental brunch with ROOTT” this Friday!
Please, book your seat with ROOTT representatives :

[email protected] +971547717929
[email protected] +971564110540