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Modified Cover Screw To Enhance Long-Term Bone Stability In Two-Stage Implants Protocol

Case studies

Mohamad El Moheb, Mohammed Ghazi Sghaireen¹, Kiran Kumar Ganji², Kumar C Srivastava³, Deepti Shrivastava²

Private Practitioner, Les Pavillons Sous Bois, France, Departments of ¹Prosthodontics, ²Preventive Dentistry and ³Oral Medicine and Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Diagnostic Sciences, College of Dentistry, Jouf University, Sakaka, Aljouf, Saudi Arabia


The mucosal epithelium of the oral cavity plays a vital role in protecting the hard tissue, from mechanical, bacterial and chemical aggressions. This seal is made by the junctional epithelium and by collagen fibres. The screw bone builder (GF0) from TRATE, is a cover screw that will be used during the implant placement to cover the implant. The cover screw platform will not be in contact with the implant platform. After screwing the GF0, it will always maintain a space of 1mm between the two platforms implant and abutment. This space will be a room for the bone to grow and to fill this space. Hence this case series describes a modified cover screw to enhance long term bone stability around two‑stage implants.

Keywords: Bone, cover screw, implants