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New Innovative Design of R42xx. Fit for Your next case


A two-piece implant design with a self-tapping thread provides easy handling, noteworthy primary stability, and better reinsurance in soft bones. Such is R42xx – an implant that has been redesigned for more complex cases offering great treatment options to choose from in Your next challenge.

ROOTT R42xx new design

Anchorage of self-tapping thread

Primary stability is the highest priority of ROOTT products and especially the ROOTT R product line, which was designed for simple and complex cases. The R42xx series is an excellent example of highly recommended implant – better stability, and superior results in condensation of bone make this implant versatile through the powers of one step of thread.

R42xx is a good choice for post-extraction sites and proves good in wide and soft bone types, especially in the molar area. Consequently, the new design and range of diameter save time in procedures due to the exemplary strength of the implant.

Exceptional design

ROOTT R42xx dental implants

Micro-rough surface of R42xx is a result of the blasted thread, which guarantees better osseointegration between implant and bone, thus a higher healing rate. The neck of the implant is developed in the shape of a reversed cone, making it a wise choice for cortical bone preservation. The standing-out shape resembles a barrel and if used in the socket – threads of the implant start to engage with lateral alveolar cortical bone creating better primary stability.

With anatomical factors in mind, developers designed it considering the upper part of the bone, intending to reduce the number of infection rates as this part is susceptible. Not to forget that R42xx implant is characterised by the lack of micro threads in the anterior part which decreases the risks of periimplantitis. In addition, this implant design replicates the width of the bone and integrates easily. With less width at the top and more width in the middle, the implant adapts to the contact of the bone.

ROOTT R42xx package

Worth mentioning that now ROOTT R implants will arrive in new packaging. New packaging is in accordance with ISO 20417 standard ensuring clear conveying of technical information and understanding of intended use.

New features of packaging include:

  • Fresh new logo and redesigned packaging of B1 and B5.
  • B1 has an informative text on what is included in the pack translated into 26 languages.
  • B5 evolved to have a modern zip-opening approach (easy-opening), making it easier to hold 5 products in Your workspace.

No implant neck exposure

Naturally, after some time, the neck of the implant exposes, and R42xx is designed to avoid the consequences of replacement. The implant allows to add appropriate abutment to continue the implant’s lifespan. In addition, an anodized top helps incorporate the prosthesis lower, increasing the aesthetic and consequently ensuring mechanical stability. For doctors that choose immediate implantation due to the anatomy of the implant, additional steps of implantation can be avoided, which results in a more straightforward surgical protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will be the benefits of this new design?
    The new design of R42xx significantly improves the primary stability of the implant, compared to the same diameter, previous design R42xx implants, due to thread construction. In addition, it also improved rates of good osseointegration. It also prevents resorption near the implant neck as the updated design improved the upper part of the implant.
  2. Why is it covered in gold coating?
    It is worth mentioning that this is not a coating. This anodized surface color provides aesthetic results and is best for cases of indication when the implant neck is opened and when the abutment is required for restoration of the gingiva level.
  3. What about the drilling protocols? Are the previous ones incorrect?
    Drilling and placement protocols were updated. However, there are no significant changes to be aware of.
  4. Is this implant for a tissue level or bone level
    Bone level.