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Optimizing Outcomes: The ROOTT S Implant Update


In the dynamic world of dental technology, innovation is not just an option; it’s a necessity. At ROOTT, we understand the importance of staying ahead to meet the evolving needs of dental specialists. With that commitment in mind, we are thrilled to introduce the updated ROOTT S dental implant – an advancement poised to redefine the standards of the ROOTT S implant line.

Previous ROOTT S Implant: A Solid Foundation

The previous iteration of the ROOTT S implant line was already renowned for its comprehensive solutions and technical freedom in implantology. It provided secure fixation, efficient design, and precise prosthetic options. Notably, its narrow screw facilitated full jaw restorations with precision and quality.

Evolution of ROOTT S: Enhancements and Advancements

Building upon the solid foundation of the previous ROOTT S implant design, our team has meticulously crafted a series of enhancements to elevate the standard of ROOTT S implants even further.

  • Abutment Area Modification: While maintaining the connection integrity, the abutment area has been refined to enhance functionality and compatibility.
  • Extended Neck: The neck of the implant has been elongated by up to 4mm. This elongation aids in preventing bone resorption at the first thread level and facilitates surgeries in atrophied bone regions, providing a more biologically favorable environment.
  • Dimensional Adjustments: The total length of the implant has been increased by 2mm, and the neck diameter has been adjusted from 2mm to 2.1mm, optimizing the implant’s structural integrity and compatibility with varying anatomical considerations.
  • Thread Redesign: The thread contour has been reimagined to enhance stability, particularly in soft bone conditions, ensuring reliable performance across diverse clinical scenarios.
  • Anti-Rotational Features: The incorporation of anti-rotational cuts ensures precise positioning and stability, minimizing the risk of displacement post-implantation.
  • Innovative Packaging Design: A breaking point has been introduced in the packaging, streamlining the unpacking process and eliminating the need for carrier CREM, thus enhancing operational efficiency for dental practitioners.

Impact on Placement Protocol: Streamlined and User-Friendly

With the introduction of the enhanced ROOTT S implant, the placement protocol undergoes significant refinement, prioritizing efficiency, precision, and ease of use. Here’s a detailed exploration of the protocol’s evolution:

  1. Implant Preparation and Handling: The initial step involves extracting the implant, focusing solely on the designated green part for optimal stability. This simplified handling process minimizes the risk of mishaps and ensures that practitioners can proceed with confidence.
  2. Attachment of Implant Driver: Transitioning to the attachment phase, the utilization of the Implant Driver S ITMS/ITMSL/ITMSXL marks a pivotal moment in the protocol. Designed for seamless compatibility with the ROOTT S implant system, this specialized driver facilitates effortless mounting onto the implant abutment. Its ergonomic design and precision engineering ensure a snug fit, enabling practitioners to proceed with the next steps with utmost confidence.
  3. Screwing Process: As the protocol advances, practitioners are guided through the crucial step of securely fastening the designated SITMS/SITMSL/SITMSXL screw into the implant. This step is pivotal in ensuring robust fixation and stability, laying the groundwork for successful implant integration and long-term functional efficacy. The enhanced design of the screw, coupled with the refined thread contour of the ROOTT S implant, ensures optimal engagement and torque transmission, minimizing the risk of complications and enhancing procedural outcomes.
  4. Holder Removal Techniques: Upon completion of the implantation process, attention turns to the removal of the holder, a task streamlined for efficiency and convenience. Practitioners are presented with two options: twisting off or breaking off the holder. While both techniques yield satisfactory results, there is a recommendation for twisting off the holder, leveraging its intuitive design and ease of execution. This recommendation underscores the user-centric approach embedded within the placement protocol, prioritizing practitioner comfort and procedural fluidity.

By meticulously refining each step of the placement protocol, the enhanced ROOTT S implant system exemplifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in dental implantology. From simplified handling and precise attachment to secure screwing and efficient holder removal, every aspect of the protocol is optimized to empower practitioners and elevate patient care standards. As dental professionals embrace these advancements, they embark on a journey towards transformative outcomes and enhanced practice efficiency, propelled by the pioneering spirit of ROOTT innovation.

Update worth Your time

The enhanced ROOTT S dental implant represents a shift, offering precision, stability, and versatility. With its innovative design features and streamlined placement protocol, it promises to upgrade dental procedures, empowering practitioners to deliver exceptional patient outcomes with confidence. At ROOTT, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, shaping the future of dental care one implant at a time.