GFN6 | TRATE Dental Implants


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Healing abutment: narrow
Height: 6 mm
Material: Ti6Al4V

Healing abutment former is used for soft tissue healing and formation of emergence profile around a dental implant in cases with insufficient space. It can be used for 1 stage or 2 stages surgical technique. After this period Healing abutment can be removed with super structure remover.

– Less tension on gingiva around a crown, when an abutment is placed, due to Healing abutments’ and abutments’ identical shape;
– Healing abutments are designed with different color screws for easier size identification;
– Healing abutment can be easily removed by SR tool without excessive pressure on the implant;
– Wide variety of size. From 2 mm to 6 mm above bone level.
– Natural color, similar to gingival.