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Regular Digital Abutment PCOR
Material: Ti6Al4V
Gingiva Height: 1 mm

ROOTT R is based on a two-piece dental implant with self-tapping thread for maximum prosthetic options for most common and necessary cases with all tools needed. Regular cement abutment PCO1 and rotational abutment PCOR are used to create dental bridges with CAD-CAM. Simple to handle with removable key SR, eliminating undesired force on the implant in case of extra fixation. Conical shape ensures quality and easy handling in precision.

  • Supplied with two screws for laboratory and clinical use
  • Possibility to reduce the time for crowns manufacture
  • PCOR without hexagon has been specifically designed for bridges to solve slight divergence between more than one implant.
  • PCO1 was specifically created for single units to help prevent rotation and create stability for the screw.
  • Sandblasted and anodized in aesthetic gold colour.
  • PCOR – for multiple (bridges) restorations
  • Angled access for screw tunnel up to 20°
  • PCOx – for single restoration