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One-piece implant workshop in Nepal

ROOTT one-piece implant workshop in Nepal


ROOT one-piece implant workshop in Nepal has begun. “No teeth to fixed teeth within 72 hours!”

Workshop focuses on treating edentulism within a short time, highly challenging case.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Now it is time for 2 days full of learnings about the Strategic Implantology Surgery & Prosthetic instruments and components, clinical situations, implant placement strategies, live surgeries and much more.


  1. Selection of the right design of immediate load dental implant for each clinical situation
  2. Strategic Implant positioning required for immediate functional loading
  3. Bi-cortical fixation of implants
  4. Flapless / Keyhole Implant placement strategies
  5. Tuberosity, Pterygoid & Zygomatic implants to avoid time consuming sinus lift surgery
  6. Nerve By pass procedure when you have no bone left above inferior alveolar nerve without nerve re-positioning and cantilever prosthesis
  7. Step by by step surgical & prosthetic phases in full mouth rehabilitation with immediate loading basal implants
  8. Avoid peri-implantitis in a simpler way & introduction of the “no-itis“ surface
  9. Learn to immediately load implants even in “no bone” situations
  10. Live surgery and prosthetic work demonstrations
  11. Learning of the fundamentals of the prosthetic rehabilitation via immediate loading protocols
  12. Learning about the Strategic Implantology Surgery & Prosthetic instruments and components