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TRATE AG is a Swiss-based company, manufacturing medical devices since 2011. TRATE AG owning a production site and sales offices within the borders of the European Union. TRATE focuses on the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of dental and maxillofacial products, such as the dental implant system ROOTT, as well as relevant dental superstructures and surgical instruments. At the core of the enterprise is the practical experience of dentists, deep production knowledge and understanding of what is necessary for the successful functioning of dental clinics worldwide. We aim to maximize efficiency in the production and distribution of our products while maintaining high quality and safety standards. We have our own global distribution network, which allows us to guarantee high-class service
100% European The 1100 m² production site is located within the European Union (TRATE UAB) and running 24/7 with over 60 employees which carry out:
  • machining on Swiss-type lathes
  • washing and disinfection
  • clean room packaging
  • design & developing
  • surface finishing
  • quality control
  • Swiss machinery precision production
  • All products machined by 6 Swiss-type lathes
  • Cleaning & packaging done by machines from leading Swiss manufacturers
TRATE AG operates on the quality management system based on EN ISO 13485:2016 as confirmed by the international certificate from leading global notify body – BSI (United Kingdom). Products are certified in compliance with the provisions of the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II and Annex V. Our cleanroom maintain air through the use of HEPA filters employing laminar air flow with a limited amount of particles per m³. Together with special washing process in ultra pure water, we can perform all necessary steps to keep surface of products clean. Our Swiss machinery together with our internal requirements allows us to keep highest precision during machining, what we 100% double checking on our measuring equipment to be sure that only the top quality products will be delivered to our customers. At our R&D department we are closely cooperate not only with highly skilled specialists for safety & functionality of our products, but we are also care about esthetic component, as we are believe that the beautiful products makes everybody a little bit more happy in everyday routine. TRATE has an international team of open-minded professionals, who love what they are doing and apply their knowledge for creating safe and high-quality products.
Swiss machinery
ISO 13485:2016 & CE
Highly clean ISO 6 packaging
Precise as 0.0007 mm
Beautiful products
Experienced team