The main objective of the activity of our Company is providing the customers with modern dental systems of implants of guaranteed and stable quality, which meet all the requirements of the customers, gaining the customers trust and receiving steady profit. The TRATE AG guarantees the correspondence of the production to the requirements of the MDR 2017/745.

  • Highly-skilled team

    The base of our Company is its employees of all levels and Company Authorized Partners. They are the sources of ideas and actions required for the successful accomplishment of the declared principles. The TRATE AG provides necessary personnel training, professional development, career advancement, and hence, increases its ability to work with higher results. Each employee of the Enterprise is responsible for the quality of the work performed by him/her.

  • High-quality at all steps

    We actively cooperate with our suppliers with the goal to use high-quality raw materials, components and services in the process of our activity. During product manufacturing and quality control, we use modern technologies, equipment, instruments, measuring devices which guarantee stable high quality of our products.

  • Satisfaction of our customers

    The TRATE AG depends on its customers, and this is why we determine and fulfil their current requirements, analyse their future requirements, aim to exceed their expectations, increase their satisfaction with our products.

  • Following of the national norms

    The activity of the TRATE AG should be legal and correspond to all the requirements of the national legislative regulatory norms and regulations.

  • Following of the international standards

    The key aspect of the activity of the TRATE AG, which contributes to the achievement of the main objective, is the development, documentation, introduction and maintenance of the Quality Management System, hereinafter referred to as QMS, which corresponds to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 13485, as well as increasing the performance of this system.

The top management of the TRATE AG assumes the responsibility for the implementation of the above mentioned principles of the Quality Policy of the Company, guarantees correspondence of the effective Quality Management System to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 13485 and the increase of its performance.