This warranty and return policy applies to all products, produced by TRATE AG. This policy only covers the replacement of products, but not any associated costs and expenses, including but not limited to any associated treatments.

Warranty conditions

TRATE AG hereby guarantees that, if any product is defective as a result of a failure of the material strength and stability of the product during the guarantee period, TRATE will replace the product with the same or substantially equivalent product. 

Provided however that the following guarantee conditions are individually and collectively met and documented:

  • Warranty duration – lifetime, in case, when will be proven that ROOTT system components were used in accordance with the requirements of the instruction for use and under indications, conditions and contraindications which described by the manufacturer in the instructions for use.
  • Products have been used exclusively and not in combination with any other manufacturer’s products
  • No guarantee case because products were implanted to the patient with absolute contraindications
  • No guarantee case resulting from an accident, a trauma or any other damage caused by the patient or a third party
  • Providing a request for guaranty not later than three months after a case arises.


To receive warranty benefits, the treating clinician or distributor must:

  1. Notify TRATE AG. Notification is accomplished by submission of a properly completed Warranty and Return Form with return of properly cleaned and decontaminated device packed such to prevent damage throughout transportation. Clear procedure for cleaning, decontamination, packaging and labeling for such devices available in Instruction for Product return.
  2. Be current in all financial account activities with TRATE AG
  3. Be sure that all devices covered by this Warranty Policy installed in accordance with TRATE prescribed procedures, including the IFU, and in accordance with accepted medical / dental practices.

Important! Warranty and Return Form available on the webpage as Annex to the Warranty and Return Policy or you may contact your Customer Service representative. All warranty claim submissions must include the LOT number of all devices. Failure to provide this information or any other required information, or failure to return original devices, may result void of the warranty policy.

Warranty and Return Policy (No.

Limits and limitations

This warranty policy is the only warranty provided by TRATE AG. TRATE AG hereby disclaims any other warranties, express or implied hereby TRATE excludes any liability for lost earnings and direct or indirect damages as well as collateral and consequential damages, directly and indirectly related to products, services and information. 

 Guarantee territory

This guarantee applies worldwide to the products manufactured by TRATE AG.

Modification or termination

TRATE may modify or terminate this warranty policy at any time in whole or in part. Changes to or termination of the warranty policy will not affect the warranty given for the products implanted prior to the date of the change or termination.

Product exchange

Not used products can be exchanged (same or greater value) within twelve (12) months of invoice date but must have a minimum six (6) months shelf life. 

All items must be in their original packaging, undamaged, unmarked and unopened. 

In any case the Warranty and Return Form shall be filled and sent together with the products.

If the product was in use, follow the procedure for cleaning, decontamination, packaging and labeling for such devices available in Instruction for Product return.

Reporting procedure

Distributors  / Healthcare professionals / Patients that have received information about suspected incidents related to a TRATE products, shall immediately forward this information to the manufacturer via submission of application in “Contact us” on the webpage or call Customer Service at +41 41 450 01 01.