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ROOTT Dental Implant, compressive type, diameter 3.5 mm, length 8 mm, multiunite, material: Ti6Al4V.

The surface is SLA treated (Ca hydroxylapatite and Tricalcium phosphate are used instead of Al oxide!).

COMPRESSIVE M implant with regular multi-unit type abutment is designed just for screw-retained prostheses;

It has a compression thread, just like the other Compressive implants.

Divergence or convergence up to 60˚ is possible between these types of implants because the slope of the abutment is 30˚.

Implant abutment is unique because it has 2,5mm ø fixation screw such dimensions of the screw gives big mechanical resistance comparing to regular 1.6-1.8mm ø fixation screw that can be found in other systems.

It can be used not only for full arc fixed dental prostheses.

The implant’s abutment is similar to M abutment or COMPRESSIVE MP implant’s abutment.

It can be used in combination with Compressive MP, Compressive MS, CFO and Rootform implants with multi-unit abutments and allows flap and flapless placement.

Advantages of Compressive M:

  • Simple placement
  • Rich variety of prosthetic solutions
  • Cement free
  • Immediate loading
  • Excellent primary stability in all types of bone
  • Resistant to higher loads in comparing with Compressive MS