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ROOTT Dental Implant, compressive type, diameter 4.0 mm, length 10 mm, short neck, material: Ti6Al4V.

ROOTT CS implant is one piece compressive type implant with short 1.5 mm neck.

Is used in clinical situations when limited distance to some anatomical elements (e.g.: n.alv. inferior) is found.

Not bendable!

Divergence or convergence up to 10 ˚ is possible between this type of implants because the slope of abutment is 5˚.

If the divergence or convergence between this type of implants is found more than 5˚ then the abutment can be grinded.

The abutment is designed for cemented or conometric(telescopic) type of fixation as well.


  • Simple placement and prosthetic procedure
  • Immediate loading
  • Excellent primary stability in all types of bone
  • Adjustable abutment slope angle
  • Resistant to cervical fractures
  • Short neck

ROOTT CS implant packaging

Each implant is delivered in a sterile package with a two-component holder and labels for clinical records.

Content of each box:

  • Sterile blister with ROOTT CS implant
  • Two-component holder
  • Labels for clinical records