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Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxilla with Pterygoid Implants

Revitalize your understanding of the Theoretical Background concerning:
Anatomy of the Pterygoid Region: Reacquaint yourself with the intricate structures and relationships within the pterygoid region.
Comprehensive knowledge of implant placement nuances in this area: Delve into the specifics of implant placement, considering the unique anatomical considerations and challenges presented by the pterygoid region.
Explore the advantages offered by Pterygoid implants: Uncover the distinctive benefits and added value that Pterygoid implants bring to dental procedures.
Engage in hands-on training: Immerse yourself in practical exercises designed to enhance your skills and proficiency in working with the pterygoid region and implants.
Blend theoretical insights with practical application: Seamlessly integrate theoretical concepts with hands-on practice to reinforce your understanding and competency in this critical aspect of dental implantology.

Dates: April 26th – 27th
Luxembourg, 114 av de la Faiencerie, 1511 Luxembourg

Dr. Henri Diederich
Restoration of a severely atrophic jaw presents a challenge in dentistry. Bone augmentation is usually required in the posterior maxilla to enable placement of a sufficient number and length of implants to support an implant prosthesis due to the poor bone quality of the posterior maxilla.

DDS Henri Diederich

Day 1

09:00 Anatomy of Pterygoid region
10:00 Anatomy of the nasal cavity
11:00 Pterygoid implant placement
12:00 Transnasal placement
13:00 Lunch break
15:00 Minimal invasive treatment options in the atrophied bone/maxilla & mandible (case reports)
16:00 The BTB approach in the atrophied maxilla using Pterygoid and Transnasal implants
20:00 Dinner

Day 2

09:00 Principles in immediate loading using Roott C, Roott M, Roott S, Roott P
11:00 Hands on sessions:
-Pterygoid placement
-Nasal cavity implant placement
-Treatment of atrophied maxilla and immediate loading


Option 1 – training only – 80 implants

inclusive of 2-days Pterygoid implant Course and common dinner

Option 2 – all inclusive – 100 implants

inclusive of 2-days Pterygoid implant Course, common dinner, 100 ROOTT implants of your choice, 2-way flight tickets, 3 nights in 3* hotel accommodation.

Info and registration

+971 54 771 79 29
[email protected]