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IDS 2019 with TRATE

List of the German Dental Implant Manufacturers and Systems


As a part of post-market surveillance, TRATE AG performs monitoring of the current state of the art of dental implants available on the market, quality, performance, and safety related to the medical devices.

As one of the tools selected for these purposes performed monitoring of German dental implant systems. TRATE AG uses a list of 57 German dental implant manufactures, which includes most of the German dental implant systems presented on the market in 2020.

So without further ado, we present you the complete list of top dental implant companies in Germany:

 Legal ManufacturerDental Implant SystemWebsiteAddress
Aplha DentAlpha Dent Implants LTDAlpha Dent Implantsalpha-dent.netCarl-Zeiss-Str. 4, 71229 Leonberg, Germany
ArgonArgon Medical Productions & Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KGK3Pro® Implant Systemargon-medical.comFranz-Kirsten-Str. 1, 55411 Bingen, Germany
BegoBEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KGBEGO Semados® Implant Systembego.comWilhelm-Herbst-Str. 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Bio3Bio 3 implants GmbHBio 3 Implant Systembio3-implants.comCarl-Zeiss-Str. 4, 71229 Leonberg, Germany
MeDentBIOMED GROUP GMBHMeDENT Implant Systembiomed-dental.comFrankfurt am Main, Germany
Bredentbredent GmbH & Co.KGSky®  Implant Systembredent.comWeißenhorner Str. 2, 89250 Senden, Germany
CamlogCamlog Vertriebs GmbHCAMLOG® Implant System
CONELOG® Implant System
CERALOG® Implant System
iSy® Implant System
camlog.comMaybachstr. 5, 71299 Wimsheim, Germany
ChampionsChampions-Implants GmbHBioWin! Implant System(R)
Evolution Implant System
One-Piece Champions® Implant System
champions-implants.comChampions Platz 1, 55237 Flonheim, Germany
CumdenteCumdente GmbHPRIO Implants®cumdente.dePaul-Ehrlich-Str. 11, 72076 Tübingen, Germany
Dental RatioDRS International GmbHOKTAGON® Implant Systemdental-ratio.de40764, Langenfeld (Rheinland), Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
DentaurumDENTAURUM IMPLANTS GmbHCITO mini® implant system
tioLogic® implant system
TIOLOX® implant system
dentaurum-implants.deTurnstr. 31, 75228 Ispringen, Germany
DentegrisDentegris GmbHSL SinusLift implant system
SLS Straight implant system
SoftBone implant system
Mini-Ballhead implant system
dentegris.deNiederstraße 29, 40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany
Deukega Dental Technologie GmbHoctaFit Tissue Level System
plusFit Bone Level System
deukega.com221 West Philadelphia Street, Germany
Fair ImplantFairImplant GmbHFairOne Implant
FairTwo Implant
FairWhite Implant
fairimplant.deKieler Str. 103 -107, 25474 Bönningstedt, Germany
FMZFMZ GmbHalphatech® Dental Implant System
fmz-gmbh.deCharles-Darwin-Ring 3a, 18059 Rostock, Germany
ForestadentForestadent Implants GmbHProwital Implant Systemforestadent.comWestliche Karl-Friedrich-Str. 151,75172 Pforzheim, Germany
GC TechGC TECH. EUROPE GMBHAadva Implant Systemgctech.euHarkortstr. 2,D-58339 Breckerfeld, Germany
General ImplantsGeneral Implants GmbHEasyLine Implant Systemgeneral-implants.comMax-Planck-Str. 39,78052 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
Gunter MedicalGunter Medical GmbHGunter Implant Straße 8, 75181 Pforzheim, Germany
HeliocosHELIOCOS GMBHABC Implant Systemheliocos.deWilly-Andreas-Allee 19, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
Reval Implant
BioSink Implant
Uni-mplant implant
humana-dent.comFalkensteiner Str. 77, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
HumantechHumanTech Germany GmbHRatioPlant®Avantgarde
humantech-solutions.deGewerbestr. 5, 71144 Steinenbronn, Germany
ImplastaImplasa-Höchst GmbHDoublegotic implant
Gotic implant
Nordic implant
Antic implant
Antic Ball implant
Antic Direct implant
implasa.deRödelheimer Landstrasse 75-85, 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
ImpluraImplura Medical GmbHIMPLURA WELDEX Dental Implantimplura.deGlockenring 3, 50170 Kerpen, Germany
IndiIndi Implant Systems GmbHIndi Implant Systemindi-implant-systems.deBiesnitzer Straße 86, 02826 Görlitz, Germany
KSI Bauer SchraubeK.S.I.-BAUER-SCHRAUBE GMBHKSI I Implant System
KSI II Implant System
ksi-bauer-schraube.deEleonorenring 14, 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany
MedentikaMEDENTIKA GmbHIPS implant system
Microcone implant
Quattrocone implant
Procone implant
Minicone implant
medentika.comHammweg 8 -10, 76549 Hügelsheim, Germany
Medentismedentis medical GmbHICX premium
ICX mini
ICX Narrow
ICX Active Master
ICX SlimBoy
ICX Active White
Davinci Implant System
medentis.deWalporzheimer Str. 48-52, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweile, Germanyr, Germany
Medical InstinctMedical Instinct Deutschland GmbHBoneTrust® implant systemsmedical-instinct.deGraseweg 24, 37120 Bovenden, Germany
Medigma BiomedicalMEDIGMA BIOMEDICAL GMBHFixTite™-S implant
Fix-A-Dent™ tapered implant
Fix1™ monoblock implant
Fix1™ monoblock implant
medigma-implants.comSiemensstraße 10, 78564 Wehingen, Germany
MeisingerHager & Meisinger GmbHMyplant two implant systemmeisinger.deHansemannstr. 10, 41468 Neuss, Germany
MeoimplantMeoplant Medical GmbHMeoMini® Implant
Meoplant® Implant
meoplant.deMalchiner Straße 99, 12359 Berlin, Germany
Tissue Level WIDE (WP/WN)
Bone Level BONE (RC)
Bone Level BONE (NC)
MINI implant system
mf-dental.deLerchenstr. 10, 92708 Mantel, Germany
NanoplantNanoplant Höchst GmbHNHI1 implant system
NHI2 implant system
NHI3 implant system
nanoplant-hoechst.deNeue Strabe 67 99846 Seebach, Germany
Nature ImplantsNATURE IMPLANTS GMBHNature implant systemnature-implants.deIn der Hub 7, D-61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany
NDI MedicalNIKO DENTAL GmbHOptimum implant
Prime implant
Short implant
Ridge+ implant
Effective+ implant
ndimplants.euKasseler Str. 47, 34308 Bad Emstal, Germany
NotchNotch Implant GmbH

UNIQUE Implant
SMART Implant
SHORT Implant

notchimplant.comJohannstrasse 37, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany
MDIcondent GmbHMDI Implant systemoriginal-mdi.deOwiedenfeldstraße 6, 30559 Hannover, Germany
OTmedicalOT medical GmbHOT-F1 implant system
OT-F2 implant system
OT-F3 implant system
BICORTIC implant system
ot-medical.deKonsul-Smidt-Str. 8 b, 28217 Bremen, Germany
Clinical houseCLINICAL HOUSE DENTAL GMBHPerioType Rapid® implant
PerioType X-Pert® implant
periotype.deSchweizer Straße 80, 47058 Duisburg, Germany
PhoenixPHOENIX IMPLANTS GMBHCO-X one-piece implant
BI-X bi-cortical Implant
BI-X2 Implant
phoenix-implants.comGewerbegasse 6a, D-83395 Freilassing, Germany
RadixRadix Implants & Biomaterials GmbHradix Implant Systemradix-implants.comHirzenrott 2-4, 52076 Aachen, Germany
ReplicateNATURAL DENTAL IMPLANTS AGREPLICATE individual implant systemreplicatetooth.comEdisonstr. 63, 12459 Berlin, Germany
Aurosan GmbHREVOIS® Classic
REVOIS® compact
revois-dental.comFrankenstr. 231, 45134 Essen, Germany
Ritter ImplantsRitter Implants GmbH + Co. KGSB/LA Spiral Implants
Quadro Spiral Implant (QSI) System
Quadro Spiral Implants (QSI – Narrow)
ritterimplants.comGrüner Weg 32, 88400 Biberach, Germany
Schutz DentalSchütz Dental GmbHIMPLA Systemschuetz-dental.deDieselstr. 5 -6, 61191 Rosbach, Germany
Servo DentalServo-Dental GmbH & Co.KGTrias implant system
ixx2 implant system
servo-dental.deRohrstr. 30, 58093 Hagen, Germany
TA DentTA-DENT GMBHT4®-switch plus Implantta-dent.comMoltkestraße 78, 77654 Offenburg, Germany
TizioTizio Hybrid Implants GmbHTizio Hybrid Implanttizioimplants.comBreite Str. 16, 18055 Rostock, Germany
TrinionTRINON Titanium GmbHQ-Implant systemtrinon.comAugartenstr. 1,76137 Karlsruhe, P.O. Box 111449, 76064 Karlsruhe, Germany
Vitaclinicalvitaclinicalceramic.implant systemvitaclinical.comSpitalgasse 3, 79713 Bad Säckingen, Germany
ZV3ZV3 – ZIRCON VISION GMBHZV3 ceramic implantzv-3.comHans-Urmiller-Ring 46c, 82515 Wolfratshausen, Germany
Biotec Dental ImplantsBIOTEC IMPLANTS LTD.Biotec implant systembiotec-implant.comMergenthalerallee 10-12, 65760 Eschborn, Frankfurt, Germany
implant “Universal”
implant “Respect”
implant “Vector”
implant “Vector Plus”
greenimplant.deGrundstuck GSG-Hof, Plauner Str. 165-163, 13053 Berlin, Germany
JMP DentalJMP Dental GmbHMINI EINSMINI ZWEIMINI INTERjmp-dental.deTrinkäcker 5, D-73271 Holzmaden, Germany
WitarWITAR CONSULTING GMBHAWI implant systemwitar.deRodenkirchener Str. 146-148, D-50997 Köln, Germany

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All mentioned trademarks, names or logo belong to mentioned German dental implant companies.
All information is taken from the public available web-resources of German dental implant manufactures.
TRATE AG is not selling any of the mentioned German dental implant brands.
TRATE AG is not responsible for the correctness of provided information.
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