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ROOTT Dental Implant. compressive type. diameter 3.5 mm. length 20 mm. material Ti6Al4V

ROOTT C implant is a one-piece compressive type implant that is specially designed to provide perfect primary stability and is used in clinical situations when horizontal alveolar ridge atrophy is observed.

It can be used in combination with basal implants and allows flap and flapless placement.

It has a unique feature to be bent. This feature makes the prosthetic treatment easier.

The length of the neck is 3 mm.

Divergence or convergence up to 10˚ is possible between this type of implants because the slope of the abutment is 5˚.

If the divergence or convergence between this type of implants is found more than 5˚ then the abutment can be grinded.

The abutment is designed for cemented or conometric (telescopic) type of fixation as well.

Can be used with caution to create single restorations in situations where high primary stability is achieved on placement.

Bendable neck

Depending on the length of the implant the abutment can be bent up to 15 degrees, as long as the implant is placed with high primary stability.