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This line is about a two-piece implant with an active thread for better osseointegration, ensuring perfect stability in the jaw and including a single internal connection, providing a wide range of prosthetic solutions. ROOTT R implant is a single platform with multiple possibilities, ensuring no micro gaps or micro movements. It’s about easy implant usage without compromising precision and comfort.

Suitable for single and multiple unit restorations with delayed and immediate implant placement in the upper and lower jaws in all types of bone tissue. The implant can be placed by a flap or flapless approach. The gold anodized neck is developed for cases of long-term usage when after gingiva lowering to mount on the abutment on top with no need to remove the implant. Implant placement is also possible immediately following a tooth extraction, as long as sufficient bone tissue is available vertically and horizontally.
The prosthetic platform (internal connection) is the same in all sizes of the implants.

Every implant comes with free multi-functional part CRE, which allows you to avoid additional part purchases, as it can be used as healing or temporary abutment, helping you in direct scan and transfer.

Two-piece implant with self-tapping thread:

  • Excellent primary stability
  • Free multi-functional part
  • Conical connection
  • Extra thin & strong

Each implant is delivered in a sterile package with a multifunctional carrier, a two-component holder, a cover screw, and labels for clinical records.

Content of each box:

  • Multifunction carrier with fixing screw
  • Sterile blister with ROOTT R implant
  • Labels for clinical records
  • Two-component holder
  • Cover screw