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ROOTT Dental Implant. basal type. diameter 5.5 mm. length 12 mm. material Ti6Al4V

ROOTT B implants are used to create multiple-unit restorations in the upper and lower jaws. They can be placed in extraction sockets and also in healed bone. The structural characteristics allow placement in bone that is deficient in height and width. They can be placed with flap or flapless technique.

ROOTT B dental implant can be used to bypass the mandibular nerve and for the engagement of the cortical bone at the fusion of the pterygoid with the maxilla. Can also be used in combination with Compressive implants.

Can be bent up to 15° after implant placement

Specially polished surface protects from the accumulation of bacteria at the cervical part of the implant.

  • Ideal for resorbed ridges
  • Immediate loading
  • Placement in a socket of an extracted tooth
  • Excellent protection from inflammation around the dental implant
  • Adjustment of abutment angle 15 degrees

Each implant is delivered in a sterile package with a two-component holder and labels for clinical records.

Content of each box:

  • Sterile blister with ROOTT B implant
  • Two-component holder
  • Labels for clinical records